Sharnte` Jo-anne Dickson born, May 1st 1987. First born to Pastor Jonathan and Sharon Gertzen. The driving force behind her passion for music was nurtured by her father. At the age of six years old, she developed a love for the piano pursued her desire to play by taking piano classes as an extra curricular subject at primary school. As a piano student in the first grade, Sharnte` was recognized as one of the top students in her class of the arts. Continuing her studies and passion fro her craft, she developed an incredible ear for music without even knowing – it came so naturally to her.

Coming from a strong background of musicians, she was predestined to become a lover and performer of the music herself. When moving on to secondary school, she was unfortunately forced to leave music studies due unfortunate financial constraints. Although she had left the studying and further development of her craft, she never gave up on her passion and desire of developing her talent and perfecting her craft. After having pursued many other options of occupation , her desire to be a true artist was always her driving force behind her determination to making her dreams become her reality. After having been exposed to the statistic of a broken home and being raised by a single parent, her sense of independence and her will-power to succeed in life grew stronger- as it still does today.

Drawn to the rich textures of all music, her influences include the like of soul and contemporary singers/musicians, Rachelle Ferrell, lauren Hill, India Arie and Jill Scott. As she manages to stay true to herself and express her creativity as freely as she wants, her unique vocal abilities and style never seizes to amaze. Along with many other internationally-acclaimed artists, the root of her upbringing flows strong and steadfast through her veins and is evident in her poetry and songs. It is to the likes of Huge Masikela , Abdula Ibrahim and Mirium Mackeba, as well as Jonathan Butler and Robby Jasen, who her musical freedom and ability to express her craft and passion, is therefore is due – freedom fighters who, before her time, made their mark and paved the way for many generations to come.

Her music development flourished even further at the age of twenty-two years old during her time as a student at the Cape Music Institute. In her first year of heoretical studies, her knowledge of written music was improved and nurtured by one Camillo Lomard. Sharnte` describes the stage to be “home‘ . To this day the nerves and excitemnet fails to stop her from doing what comes most naturally to her. I grew up in church . Realizing every day that, if it had not been for the Lord by my side, protecting me and guiding me on my way, where would L be?

In spite of the everyday trials and life‘s challenges, Sharnte` manages to see the bigger picture and the brighter side of life without pretence - or predjudice. As a woman, I have reason to believe that my strength precedes me. Having achieved one dream at a time, she continues to live out her passion to the full. Sharnte` captivating her audiences with her sweet and tasteful sounds of SOUL ,R&B, JAZZ, GOSPEL and POP. Sharnte` also had the privileged working with the likes of Neville D, Wilmot Fredricks, Karin Kortjie, Luqmaan Adams, Sofia Foster and Alistor Isobelle. She perform for 9months in Sun City . On the 25 November 2013 she will be perform at the Hout Bay Isingqa: Charity Golf Day her passion to the full. Sharnte` J. Dickson a name not yet familiar to the ear, a Soulful Queen birthed from Cape Town South Africa will soon be the talk of the town.
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