Elle Vass is a South African R&B/soul and pop singer who captivated the music industry through her debut single “Same Girl”. She was noticed by a Black Coffee Records talent scout who came across the enchanting ballad on an online music player and commented saying, “Her voice was so incredibly spellbinding; it did something to me that I was not fully prepared for – it made me feel deeply in love... I knew then Elle had something really authentic to offer the music world...”

It is reported that ‘Same Girl’ flattened the crowd with amazement at the much anticipated CA CITY Music Video Launch earlier this year and has already caused quite a stir at Heart 104.9fm who in a matter of two minutes into perusing the track added it to their radio play list.

With alluring intrigue, impassioned delivery and vocal brightness, Elle’s tells of the emotional challenges in a romantic relationship bombarded by destructive rumors. When asked whether the song bears witness to actual events from her own life, ‘Miss Vass’- an affectionate term adopted by some of her fans, gave a response that revealed her ability to personalize a fictitious song in a way that leaves you convinced she speaks from first-hand experience. And as with most of her ballads you’d swear your heart would nearly break simply listening to them. The Cape Town born vocal major writes and arranges all her own material and has just added the finishing touches to her follow up song, “Possibilities”, a smashing club anthem resplendent with the strobing rhythms of neo-classic house sounds. What sets Elle apart from other singers is that she never resorts to cheap vocal acrobatics to showcase her abilities, which makes her a refreshing and much-needed alternative to the silicone-coated R&B we often hear these days. It is almost unbelievable how she with her pristine vocal texture, is able to deliver an equally eloquent and mature sound, years beyond that of any of her peers.

Elle Vass grew up in church – literally. Her parents hosted and led worship services in their home almost every day with hymns and stringed instruments fading out into the distance as she drifted off to sleep at night as a child. It was only until joining the primary school choir that her interest in music was really ignited. In an environment that introduced her to the disciplines of singing she quickly discovered that her vocal ability attracted the curious attention of her music teachers who soon had her singing at school assemblies and arts and culture meetings. After high school, with her mind clearly set on taking on the music industry she went on to study music business management at The Cape Music Institute. Besides her commitment to providing fans with non-stop music enjoyment, Elle also devotes her time and gifts for the benefit of the destitute and needy in the city. On the 25th of May this year, she will be performing at The Autism Connect Benefit Concert, an annual fundraising initiative hosted by Black Coffee Records. She ascribes her love for music, life and people to her parents who taught her to work hard, aim for excellence and always value others.

Some of the music that have influenced her own unique style span from the pioneers of cross-cultural Gospel music like Donnie McClurkin and Martha Munizzi, to the high-energy, commercially-driven, soulful likes of Beyonce and Mariah Carey.

In describing her vision Elle puts it this way, “I don’t care for fame but I do aspire to make good, memorable music and if I could travel the world giving people just that, I would feel most rewarded. I want to play a definitive role in setting the platform for other artists like myself who want to change the state of the South African Music Industry through an authentic South African, yet profoundly unique sound”.
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